God's Secret Weapon in the Battle for Life

Jul 27, 2022

Dr. Patti Giebink was South Dakota’s only abortion doctor. But that was before a stranger began praying she would have a change of heart. Back in 1997, Sister Josita Schwab, a Catholic nun, read a news article in which Dr. Giebink had stated that she did not wish to do abortions full time. “If this Dr. Patti is sitting on the fence,” Sister Josita thought, “let’s see if God can push her over.”

Sister Josita began praying for Dr. Patti by name every day. She never met the abortionist responsible for killing so many infants. But she prayed for her anyway. Sister Josita’s prayers continued without a break for 10 years, as she waited upon the Lord to heal Dr. Patti’s heart.

God was indeed working in Dr. Patti’s life.

After Dr. Patti’s second marriage fell apart, the abortionist found herself floundering and looking for a change in her life.  Friends had invited her to join a church mission trip to the remotest parts of India for a change of scenery. It was here, in the dusty crossroads of an ancient and almost incredibly impoverished culture, that a man who had nothing introduced Dr. Patti to the concept of “having Jesus in her heart.”

“His words silenced all my thoughts,” Dr. Patti writes. “Head knowledge (of Scripture) and heart revelation (loving Jesus) were two completely different things,” said Dr. Patti, but the Indian man’s words “increased my understanding of having a relationship with Jesus.”

The scales blinding Dr. Patti’s eyes began to fall away, and her heart began to change in amazing ways. Thousands of miles away, Sister Josita, still unknown to Dr. Patti, kept praying.

As Dr. Patti was leaving India, she had a profound realization: “God made each person I met in His likeness. Amid their poverty and daily struggles, He loved them,” she said.

Sadly, economics and finances are most often used to justify wholesale abortion both in the past and in the present. Margaret Sanger, founder of the Planned Parenthood chain of abortion facilities where Dr. Patti once worked, wrote prolifically about how the poor were little more than human weeds that need to be eliminated for the good of the human race.

In modern times, one of the excuses most often made for abortion is that a full-term pregnancy would cost a woman her career and or be a detriment to finances. But living alongside poverty worse than anything imaginable in the U.S., Dr. Patti realized that “a person’s standard of living had nothing to do with his or her value in God’s eyes.”

Dr. Patti returned to the U.S. with a new calling—to protect and defend life, instead of ending it.

“My job as a doctor was to save life. But what about the life that has no voice? What about those we can’t physically touch, listen to or speak with? Did they matter?” Dr. Patti wondered. “These trips abroad made the answer abundantly clear—those people matter as much as you and I do.”

Even if they are poor, even if they are unwanted, GOD loved these precious unborn children no matter how they came into the world—and so would Dr. Patti.

Almost exactly 10 years after Sister Josita began praying for her, Dr. Patti stood in front of about 3,000 people, mentally fumbling for what to say. But then the words rolled out. “I’m Patti, and I used to do abortions for Planned Parenthood.” There was an audible gasp in the room. “But now I’m saved and set free by the blood of Jesus.” The crowd stood and cheered.

Not long after, Sister Josita was watching a television program in which a former abortionist was speaking about the need for better pro-life laws in South Dakota. Sister Josita began to weep as she heard the woman’s name. It was none other than Dr. Patti Giebink, the woman for whom she had prayed all those years!

Dr. Patti now serves on the board of Alpha Center, a well-known pregnancy resource center dedicated to saving the lives of the unborn in the very state where she had previously taken so many lives before Sister Josita’s prayers and God’s handiwork changed her heart.

Now, South Dakota has no abortion clinics. But that could change with one vote in the Senate.

Two more abortion bills passed the U.S. House last week and could be approved by the Senate at any time. These bills and others in the Senate go far beyond the Roe decision of 1973. They federalize unlimited abortion on demand while also overriding every protective measure designed to save the lives of the unborn and women.

If these bills pass the Senate, informed consent, parental notification and ultrasound requirements will be eliminated. Medical standards for abortion clinics will be eliminated, and yes, horrific and gruesome “partial birth abortions” will be legal once again. Worse, health care providers and hospitals will be coerced to perform abortions.

If these bills pass, even pro-life doctors like Dr. Patti will be forced to perform abortions—whether they want to or not.

All Chuck Schumer needs to do is convince two more senators to vote with him in eliminating the filibuster, and unfettered abortion on demand will be the law of our land.

We cannot allow this to happen. The senators must hear from you.

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