DC Mayor Discounts Parental Rights Over Children's COVID Shots

Jul 16, 2021

Parents in Washington, D.C., are incensed that the government is trying to undermine their authority over their children. Four parents have filed a lawsuit against the District for allowing their children to receive vaccines without their knowledge or consent. All the parents named in the suit object to the COVID shots for reasons related to their religious beliefs.

The Children’s Health Defense and the Parental Rights Foundation filed the suit July 12, 2021, against D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. The parents are calling for a preliminary injunction prohibiting the District from enforcing the D.C. Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act of 2020. The Minor Consent Act allows children 11 or older to be deemed “capable of meeting the informed consent standard” to consent to vaccines without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

Not only are parents in Washington deprived of making the decision to have their children vaccinated or not, but they also are completely left out of the process. It’s even possible the child seeking a shot may have already been vaccinated and so may be receiving more COVID shots than doctors even recommend.

Health practitioners who administer the COVID shots are authorized under the Minor Consent Act to “seek reimbursement, without parental consent, directly from the insurer.”

Joshua Mazer, the father of a 16-year-old, brought a similar lawsuit July 2, 2021, against Bowser in her capacity as D.C. mayor. Mazer and his daughter, J.D., are Maryland residents, but J.D. traveled to MedStar Georgetown Pediatrics without her parents and requested a vaccine, according to the lawsuit. J.D. wanted to go to summer camp and needed the COVID shot to do so.

Along with a religious reason, the father also had a medical reason for why he objected to his daughter receiving the shot, asserting that the Minor Consent Act “creates an entire structure by which the health care provider, insurance company, school, and health department all engage in an elaborate and deceitful scheme, including lying to the parents, to hide from those parents the fact that their child was vaccinated without parental notification, control, or consent, and all without any finding that a parent is unfit.”

In the filing, Mazer said his daughter had suffered a “severe reaction to a tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis-containing vaccine” when she was 5 years old, requiring “urgent medical treatment.”

Dr. Nneka Holder and the nurses also convinced J.D. to get the Gardasil and MenACWY shots, the lawsuit said.

When J.D. actually saw the syringes, she “became nervous” and said “she wanted to leave without getting the shots,” the lawsuit said, so “the doctor and nurse positioned themselves in the room such that she felt trapped,” but after further discussion, she “was able to leave without getting the shots.”

Parents who send their children to D.C. public schools are clearly at risk of having their rights co-opted and their children shot up with a COVID-19 "vaccine” without their knowledge or consent—in complete disregard of their sincerely held beliefs.

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