Poll Finds Most Americans Support Stronger Voter ID Laws

Jul 15, 2021

Election laws—especially voter ID laws—have been a hot topic in the news. Critics view such laws as discriminatory and as suppressing the vote, while proponents see the necessity of voter ID requirements for election integrity.

Although politicians may be partisan on this issue, when it comes to the public, recent polling tells a different story.

The Republican National Committee commissioned a poll and found 78% of Americans favor stronger voter ID laws.

The phone survey, conducted June 8-June 13, 2021, polled 800 registered voters. Of the participants, 31% identified as Democrats, 29% as Republicans and 36% as Independents.

Stronger voter ID laws is only one of the election reforms participants support.

“The survey found 78 percent of voters polled said in addition to stronger voter ID laws, they also support signature verification, chain of custody controls, bipartisan observers overseeing counting and ‘cleaning up voter rolls.’”

In addition, “71 percent said they do not believe ballots should be accepted after election day and 87 percent were against ‘ballot harvesting.’”

This comes at a time when some states, Florida, Georgia and Arizona among them, have passed bills to increase election integrity, while Democrats in Congress are fighting to pass the “For the People Act” (HR 1), which would do the complete opposite.

Considered by Sen. Ted Cruz “the single most dangerous piece of legislation before Congress,” HR 1 would implement sweeping changes to the election process. Banning states’ voter ID laws is just one of those changes.

So far, the bill has not achieved the 60 votes of support in the Senate needed to overcome a filibuster.

In lieu of HR 1, there is talk of bringing forth the John Lewis Voting Rights Act (JL Act) which would require states to receive preclearance before making any election reforms. Every minute detail of state election processes would be subject to approval by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Even if HR 1 never passes in the Senate, one could make the case that the JL Act would result in the same hold on the states and accomplish the same sweeping changes—changes polling shows most Americans do not support.

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