Trump Sues Tech Giants—and Hopes You'll Join Him

Jul 8, 2021

Former President Donald Trump has announced class-action lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook, Google/YouTube and their CEOs. Trump's move comes in response to these Big Tech companies banning him on social media and their treatment of conservatives.

The lawsuits claim the companies are violating the First Amendment, seek injunctive relief and ask to impose punitive damages on the tech giants. Trump describes the censorship of the tech companies as "unlawful."

“We’re demanding an end to the shadow-banning, a stop to the silencing and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and canceling that you know so well,” he said. “ … We will prove that this censorship is unlawful, it’s unconstitutional, and it’s completely un-American.”

“Liberty is under increased threats,” he added. “Social media has given extraordinary power to a group of Big Tech giants that are working with government, the mainstream media and a large segment of a political party to suppress the views of the American people.”

Trump also addressed the protection the companies are afforded under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act: “While the social media companies are officially private entities, in recent years they have ceased to be private with the enactment and their historical use of Section 230, which profoundly protects them from liability. … It is, in effect, a massive government subsidy. These companies have been co-opted, coerced and weaponized by government actors to become the enforcers of illegal, unconstitutional censorship.”

Trump is the lead plaintiff and said “thousands of people” want to join the suit.

Meanwhile, the former president is combatting censorship through another avenue—launching GETTR—his team’s own social media platform.

Though GETTR has experienced a few hiccups since its launch, the free speech platform’s stated goal is “to create a marketplace of ideas in order to share freedom and democracy around the world.”

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