'Sesame Street' Introduces Two 'Gay' Dads in Pride Month

Jun 24, 2021

YouTube/Sesame Street
Children’s television favorite Sesame Street wants to show you what a family can look like in today's woke times. The show spotlights two homosexual men with their daughter, Mia, in its “Family Day” episode during June—“Pride Month”—as celebrated by the LGBTQ community and those who support their worldview.

The Family Day episode shows that “family” isn't just a mom, dad and kids anymore, but can be a blended family with a stepparent, Big Bird with his “Granny Bird” or any number of variations.

“What makes us a family is that we love each other,” said Frank, one of the gay dads, who appeared with Elmo, Big Bird and others.

The franchise is now in its 50th year of broadcasting life lessons that help children “use their imaginations, build social skills, sing songs and appreciate everyone’s differences.”

Sesame Street suffered an $11 million loss in fiscal 2014 and was forced to look to HBO for a substantial financial boost to keep the show alive. PBS was able to air the shows nine months after HBO did.

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