Ex-"Transgender" Tells His Story

Jun 22, 2022

Jaden is a 22-year-old man desperately trying to DE-transition from the sex change procedures he underwent as a young teen. Sex change industry doctors around the world continue to claim these procedures have no long-term effects. But Jaden’s personal experience defies the lie.  This brave young man went public with his story in June.

After thousands of online attacks from a rabid LGBTQ community furious at having their lies contradicted, Jaden’s Twitter account and his story were deleted. We are pleased to offer a complete, unedited reprint of Jaden’s Tweet string here. Read on to learn what the sex change industry and their Alfred Kinsey-adhering LGBTQ community don’t want you to see.

Hello, my name is Jaden. I’m a 22-year-old detrans male and former puberty blocked individual who socially, hormonally, and surgically transitioned as a teenager.

Recently, I had the pleasure of watching the documentary ‘What Is A Woman?’ and I wanted to share my thoughts.

— J (@detransguy) June 11, 2022

The interview that particularly caught my attention was when political commentator, Matt Walsh interviewed Dr. Michelle Forcier, a physician who routinely treats trans youth. https://t.co/fQbOnBAVyh

Forcier is a big proponent for “affirmative” healthcare and pubertal blockers.

— J (@detransguy) June 11, 2022

Forcier admits affirmation therapy begins “whenever the patient is ready for it” – it’s no secret trans care is handled anecdotally but it’s unnerving to hear a medical professional talk about something so intimate & serious as transitioning in an inconsistent, nonchalant manner.

— J (@detransguy) June 11, 2022

Though, what I took issue with was the fact she claims puberty blockers are “completely reversible and don’t have permanent effects.” This ever increasingly common narrative is a fallacy, with medical data, lawsuits, and personal reported experiences directly contradicting it. pic.twitter.com/SyPaHYsQF0

— J (@detransguy) June 11, 2022

As someone who took these medications as a teenager, I’ve contended with many of the effects reported. At age 16, I was prescribed spironolactone (a common T blocker). For nearly a year, I’d struggle as I’d continue to take the medication but have consistently high T levels.

— J (@detransguy) June 11, 2022

Stumped by my labs, my PCP referred me to his colleague, an OBGYN who within the first few months of treating me swapped my T blockers for a GnRH agonist implant known as Histrelin.

In the coming years, I’d experience physical, mental, and sexual changes I never could imagine.

— J (@detransguy) June 11, 2022

In my anecdotal experience, blockers were more intense than when I was only taking anti androgens. Having T rapidly and permanently blocked for the first time led me to developing muscular atrophy, metabolic issues, & bone density concerns.

Physical issues that still affect me.

— J (@detransguy) June 11, 2022

The lack of physical development and sexual maturation I experienced is irreversible, even when taking testosterone replacement therapy. The fertility issues, and eventual decimation of my fertility altogether, will never be rebounded – in fact the Mayo Clinic even warns of this. pic.twitter.com/WiTEKIW5Kb

— J (@detransguy) June 11, 2022

Not to mention this direction inevitably led me on the path of cross-sex hormones, and there were issues that were only exasperated with the induction of estrogen. After starting E injections, I started also dealing with vascular issues and what is likely nerve damage in my legs.

— J (@detransguy) June 11, 2022

I noticed within the first weeks of taking blockers a total loss of libido, which was expected. What I didn’t expect was facing anorgasmia, a side effect my doctor failed to warn me of. It wouldn’t be until years later, after demanding the implant be removed, I’d experience one.

— J (@detransguy) June 11, 2022

I also started feeling as if I wasn’t equipped to handle my emotions, as I felt them much more intensely than I had previously. I had started dealing with brain fog, memory issues, trouble concentrating, and depression. These issues unfortunately led me to dropping out of school.

— J (@detransguy) June 11, 2022

To hear medical professionals insist a drug that’s harmed myself and others, is “completely reversible and doesn’t have permanent effects” is frustrating, and saddening.

It’s disturbing how doctors willfully spread misinformation to coop [co-opt] a movement, and pathologize GNC [gender non-conforming] youth.

— J (@detransguy) June 11, 2022

Sadly, after posting his string of Tweets, Jaden was badgered and harassed by thousands of LGBTQ activists. His posts were repeatedly reported to Twitter as being “against community standards.” Jaden’s Twitter account was deleted, but not before millions saw it, and a movement has begun.

Others who have been injured and deceived by the sex change industry have found the courage to speak out as well. Some have been inspired by Jaden’s bravery. An “De-trans” movement (referring to DE-transitioning back to the bodies God gave them) is also rising, forming groups on uncensored social media to share the pain and horror of a politically driven “medical” industry gone mad, and the patient’s personal fights to return to their natural-born state.

Liberty Counsel is familiar with the permanent physical and mental harms children and adults suffer after being deceived by the Kinsey-inspired LGBTQ movement.

Kinsey was a child sexual predator who, in order to justify his own sick lusts, presented his child molestation experiences, including on babies and toddlers, as “science.” His “science” has been used to promote the sexualization of children at their earliest formative ages. It was used to justify graphically teaching kindergarteners about sex, demonstrating depraved acts to late elementary school children in “sex education” classes and, of course, to justify the permanent and life- altering sex change procedures that have become a financial boon to the industry.

Liberty Counsel has been fighting Kinsey’s sick “science” for years. Most recently, we have been fighting bans on Christian counseling for adults with unwanted same-sex desires and gender dysmorphia.

In Otto v. Boca Raton and Palm Beach County, we won 2-1 at the Court of Appeals. In Vazzo v. City of Tampa, we won again, striking down yet another law that sought to impose an LGBTQ agenda on clients and counselors.

Joe Biden wants to “end” voluntary counseling services designed to help these distraught and confused people. We are fighting to keep religious liberty alive in America. We will not allow Biden to harm people or censor clients and counselors with his twisted agenda. We are ready to fight and WIN.


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