CHANGED Individuals Won't Be Silenced

Jun 15, 2021

Freedom March 2021
You would be hard-pressed to find a news story about these individuals and their recent gathering in Washington, D.C. In a month dominated by LGBTQ “Pride” messaging from nearly every major corporation, this group of CHANGED individuals gets little to no coverage. But their boast isn’t in themselves, it’s in Christ. They have a story to tell, a reason to celebrate and a warning to share, and they recently did just that in our nation’s capital.

June 3-8, members of CHANGED and other former LGBTQ people and organizations like Fearless Identity joined forces in Washington, D.C., for the Freedom March to show the world that overcoming sexual identity and gender confusion is possible through Jesus Christ.
Freedom March 2021
CHANGED is an organization that came about in response to a California bill (AB 2943) that would have “declared all forms of sexual orientation change efforts [SOCE] to be a form of ‘consumer fraud’ if performed for a fee.” The bill essentially made the claim that people do not overcome same-sex attraction or gender confusion. The founders of the organization felt the need to speak up and declare the importance of such counseling and how they are living proof of its effectiveness.

With this same fervor to stand and speak on the importance of choice in counseling, many “Freedom marchers” shared their testimonies with members of Congress while in Washington.


Because at this moment, the “Equality Act” is one vote and one signature away from destroying religious freedom and banning the very sort of counseling that was critical to these CHANGED lives.

Under the Equality Act, the federal ban on change counseling means people struggling with same-sex attraction or gender confusion would have access to only one type of counseling—one that affirms their misplaced identity.

As CHANGED’s website says: “HR 5 enforces a state-led social identity that allows no dissent. One can come out as gay or trans, but certainly not go from gay to straight or away from trans.

Sharing their testimonies with members of Congress helps put names, faces and true stories to the reality that individuals can and do get set free from the LGBTQ web. And a vote for the Equality Act would be a vote to condemn people like their former selves to a gender-confused path in life.

The hope that members of this community offers is incredible, and we cannot let the government silence their message of freedom.

Learn more about the Equality Act at

You can also sign a petition and fax the U.S. Senate to stop the passage of the Equality Act.

“But let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the LORD who practices steadfast love, justice, and righteousness in the earth” (Jer. 9:24a).

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