Florida Governor Signs Bill Protecting Women's Sports

Jun 1, 2021

Women competing in sports in the state of Florida have an ally in Gov. Ron DeSantis.

On June 1, Gov. DeSantis signed SB 1028, the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.” The new law protects women’s sports by banning biological males from competing on athletic teams designated for females.

The bill states that eligibility for a sports team will be based on the “biological sex listed on the student’s official birth certificate at the time of birth.”

The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act also allows a female to file a lawsuit if she feels she has been unfairly affected by competing against biological males.

“We’re going to go based off biology, not based off ideology,” Gov. DeSantis said. “As a father of two daughters, I want my girls, and every girl in Florida, to compete on an even playing field for the opportunities available to young women in sports.”

In response to the possibility of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) boycotting Florida over this bill, DeSantis said, “If the price of providing opportunities for all the girls throughout the state of Florida is that we lose an event or two, I would choose to protect our girls every day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

Florida is among several states that have recently enacted similar legislation. Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama governors have signed bills to protect women’s sports, while South Dakota’s governor has taken action through an executive order.

Florida’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act will take effect July 1.

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