Climate Change Induced Pandemic?

Jun 1, 2022

Bill Gates Prediction Sets the Stage
for "GERM" Team and W.H.O. Expansion

Will "climate change" trigger the next pandemic? According to Bill Gates, the odds are 50/50. How and why Gates even weaves the words “climate change” and “pandemic” into the same sentence is up for debate, but what’s 100% clear is that the greatest private donor to the W.H.O. wants international buy-in for his global health plans.

"The human population is growing, and we are invading more and more ecosystems. That is why I calculate that there is a 50% chance that we will have a pandemic of natural origin in the next 20 years, as a consequence of climate change," Gates said in his sit-down interview with Spanish publication last week. "It could be a virus made by man, by a bioterrorist who designed it and intentionally circulated it."

In the world according to Gates, humanity faces unprecedented global health challenges full of threats both natural and manufactured. This future dystopian scenario (for which COVID was the frontrunner) begs nations to work together to eradicate and manage the threats.

To this end, Gates is proposing a 25% increase in the W.H.O. budget to fund a 3,000-person team called GERM (Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization) and advocates for $1 billion annual funding to operate GERM as a global surveillance pact to monitor pandemic threats.

Hmmm, where have we heard that before? Change the acronym to "IHR," add in some proposed amendments and the parallels to the agenda at the 2022 World Health Assembly in Geneva are in plain sight: Empower WHO. Get the cooperation of nations in writing.

One plan. One "global surveillance pact." One legally binding agreement for 194 member nations.

Blurred lines where there once were national boundaries.

Even though it appears that Biden's IHR amendments failed across the board (thanks to nations like Brazil and even Iran expressing reservations), now is not the time to let the guard down.

The amendments will go through a “new and revised” process in the next year to resurface at next year’s World Health Assembly. A separate pandemic treaty is in the works. A monkeypox vaccine will make its way into the spotlight and throw in an all-in-one flu/COVID combo shot while we’re talking about it. Vaccine passports are not dead. Digital ID is not dead. Masks on airplanes might be resurrected. If “climate change” is allowed to be listed as the cause of the next contagious disease, the world has crossed a line for which there is no going back.

Gates should never be recognized as the unofficial gatekeeper of global public health. Even if, in his own mind, it’s the title he gives himself.

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