Planned Parenthood Abortions Rise in 2020 Despite Pandemic

Mar 16, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t slow down Planned Parenthood’s abortion business in 2020. The organization’s annual report for 2020 cited an increase from the previous year in both the number of abortions performed and the receipt of government funding.

The report indicated a year-over-year boost in abortions at Planned Parenthood clinics. The nation’s largest abortion provider performed 354,871 abortions in the 2019-20 fiscal year—a 2.7% increase from the 2018-19 year, which was a 3% increase from the year before that, according to the report.

The Trump administration had made strides in limiting federal funding to Planned Parenthood, but Joe Biden is attempting to reverse that direction.

Under pressure, Planned Parenthood withdrew from the federal Title X family planning program in August 2019, forfeiting an estimated $60 million, but still received more than $618 million in government funding in the 2019-20 year—an increase of $1.3 million from the previous year.

Other federal funding comes from Medicaid, which cannot legally pay for elective abortions but does reimburse Planned Parenthood for other services.

In the annual report, Planned Parenthood noted some states tried to halt abortions along with other “nonessential” elective surgeries to slow the COVID spread, but that effort didn’t stop some women intent on receiving an abortion.

“We saw people drive 15 hours from Texas to Colorado for abortion,” Planned Parenthood said. “In states where access exists in name only, people still seek abortion.”

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