Life-Saving Choices for Women

Jan 20, 2022

January is Sanctity of Human Life month, a time to affirm the intrinsic value of human life and to acknowledge the unborn lives lost since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court opinion in 1973.

One of the ways you can make a difference for life in your community is to get involved at a local pregnancy center. There are over 2,500 nonprofit pregnancy resource centers across the United States that provide free resources to women and families facing an unexpected pregnancy. Many of these centers not only provide pregnancy tests but ultrasounds as well. They offer medically accurate information on all options available, material assistance through education programs and so much more. Pregnancy resource centers are donor supported and depend on loving, compassionate people like you to volunteer time and resources.

In 2021, Vicky Mathews, the executive director of Choices Women’s Clinic in Orlando, FL, joined Freedom Alive™ to share her story and discuss the life-changing impact pregnancy resource centers are having in communities across America.

Be inspired by her story and then get involved. Here are two options for finding a pregnancy resource center in your area: Care Net and Heartbeat International.
(Note: Vicky's interview begins at 5:48)

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