Liberty Counsel Goes to FL Supreme Court

Deceptive Abortion Amendment Must Be Rejected

UPDATE: Florida Abortion Amendment - Mat Staver

Mat Staver gives an update on the oral argument at the Florida Supreme Court on February 7, 2024, regarding a proposed amendment that would codify unrestricted abortion as a right in the state constitution.

Watch Oral Argument Here:

Oral Argument Broadcasts & Ceremonial Sessions

Liberty Counsel’s Briefs:

Notice - Supplemental Authority - Post OA (PDF)

Notice - Supplemental Authority (PDF)

FL Voters Against Extremism PC (PDF)

Brief FL Voters Against Extremism - Filed (PDF)

Press Releases:

FL Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Abortion Amendment

Abortion Amendment Press Conference Tomorrow at FL Supreme Court

FL Supreme Court Will Hear Abortion Initiative Argument

Deceptive Abortion Initiative in Florida Must Be Rejected

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(AUDIO) The Florida Supreme Court Will Hear Oral Arguments Regarding This Deceptive Amendment

(AUDIO) Florida Supreme Court Will Hear Abortion Initiative Argument

(AUDIO) Florida Supreme Court Must Reject Misleading Abortion Amendment