In these uncertain times, it is essential for you to be certain of your rights. Follow the steps below to protect your health, family, and freedom:

*An employer CAN question the employee’s belief to find out if they are SINCERE, meaning they’re not merely using religion as a basis for their request just to avoid the COVID shots. The employer can ask WHAT they believe, WHY they believe it, HOW it affects their life decisions and their decision regarding the COVID shots. An employer CANNOT question the validity or correctness of religious beliefs. The employer CANNOT ask why the employee is interpreting a Scripture in a particular way, or why the employee objects to the COVID shot when others in their church or religious order either have no position or even support the shots.

What About Tylenol and Other Drugs?

Answering the Faulty Retort to Religious Objections Over Abortion-Derived Injections


If your employer or school provides a form or asks questions that are designed to make you affirm something with which you disagree, you can respond verbally or in print before your signature with the following statement:

“I understand the above is your position. I am signing this document without waiver of my legal right to seek religious exemption and accommodation from any requirement that conflicts with my sincerely held religious beliefs, and without waiver of the right to seek legal redress from any wrongful denial of such exemption or accommodation.”

Vaccine Exemption Guide - Mat Staver

Constitutional expert, lawyer, author, pastor, and founder of Liberty Counsel Mat Staver discusses the important topics related to COVID shot exemptions, vaccine passports, and religious freedom. 


MILITARY — Religious Accommodation DENIAL APPEAL

This is an aid for drafting a military appeal to an initial religious accommodation request denial — not for use on a final appeal denial.



  - File EEOC Complaint - see details below

FILE EEOC Complaint

If your request for religious exemption at your WORK has been DENIED, or APPROVED WITH UNPAID LEAVE, you will need to file a Complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Go the EEOC website at and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find additional links and information about submitting a complaint. The Complaint form will need to include a description of your religious accommodation request regarding your sincerely held religious beliefs to not take these COVID shots along with the employer’s response and the termination date. Please note that you generally have 180 DAYS to file a complaint against a private employer.
  1. Federal Employees:  Please note that Federal employees have different requirements and shorter deadlines (see (“Generally, you must contact the EEO Counselor within 45 DAYS from the day the discrimination occurred.”).
  2. State and Local Agencies:  States also have agencies that receive complaints, and you may be able to dual file to have both federal and state rights considered, which we strongly recommend. See (scroll to heading “With a State or Local Agency). 
If filing with a state or local agency, please make sure that your complaint has been dually filed with the EEOC.  If it has not, you may need to file with both agencies.  Please note that filing with one agency may not extend the deadline for filing with another agency.

NOTE: Filing the EEOC Complaint is required before you can file suit alleging a violation of federal law. This administrative process is the next step you should complete. The EEOC may (1) choose to attempt resolution of your Complaint with your employer, (2) file suit against your employer, or (3) issue you a “right to sue” letter that clears the way for you to file suit. If you receive a “right to sue” letter, you should immediately seek counsel of a local attorney who practices employment law in your state. Many employment lawyers offer review at no charge. You can also go to your State Bar website and search by practice area. Given the high volume of inquiries, we cannot commit to further review of "right to sue" letters at this time.

Settlements & Investigations: 
Remedies For Employment Discrimination / Compensatory & Punitive Damages

MILITARY: When asking for all associated documents, notes, and discussion records used during the review process for your religious exemption/accommodation…

Such a request for documents must be submitted through the appropriate process. Every major command has a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Coordinator and a web-based portal to submit requests. They usually group the FOIA and Privacy Act of 1974 (Privacy Act) requests on the same portal.

UPDATE: After further investigation, you should make your request with PRIVACY ACT FIRST.
  • With Privacy Act, you get any information the government has about you.
  • With FOIA, you get the same information that any member of the public can get. Only do this if Privacy Act comes back denied.

Defense Finance and Accounting Service – Privacy Act Request

FOIA Online – FOIA from participating Agencies

Privacy Act