Organizations Leading the Charge to Defeat 2024 State Abortion Amendments


Center for Arizona Policy
Cathi Herrod, President
PO Box 32428
Phoenix, AZ 85064
Phone: 602-424-2525
[email protected]
[email protected] 

It Goes Too Far campaign manager, Leisa Brug. 

  • An initiative website for Center for Arizona Policy: They’re doing regular Zoom training sessions. The messaging in Arizona is critical. Extensive polling and research work shows the message that the amendment would allow abortion up until birth is not effective in Arizona.
  • Declaration of Arizona Pastors in Defense of Voiceless Children and Vulnerable Women — Arizona Pro-Life Pastors (
  • Click HERE for Decline to Sign – Arizona.



Family Council
Jerry Cox, President
414 S. Pulaski, Ste. 2
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-375-7000
[email protected]

  • Click HERE for Decline to Sign – Arkansas.
  • Click HERE for a powerful pro-life video to expose truth about the abortion amendment in Arkansas.


Karen Pennington, Ph.D., RN

Phone: 303-903-5283
[email protected]


The Florida Supreme Court ruled 4-3 on April 1 to allow the abortion ballot initiative on the state’s ballot in November. Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver argued before the Florida Supreme Court against this unlawful amendment’s appearance on the ballot as it violates the single subject rule and is vague and misleading. If 60% of Floridians vote for this radical amendment, virtually every pro-life law in Florida will be overridden and nearly unfettered abortion access will be enshrined in Florida law, which will kill preborn children and endanger women. It’s up to Floridians to stand for life and vote no on Amendment 4, the so-called “Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion.”

Florida Family Policy Council
PO Box 530103
Orlando, FL 32853
Phone: 407-251-5130
[email protected]

Florida Catholic Conference
Michael Sheedy, [email protected]

Concerned Women for America

Ruth Smith

Phone: 760-815-9803
[email protected]

  • Click HERE, HERE, and HERE for Decline to Sign – Florida.
  • Click HERE for Protect Human Life – Florida: An effort for an amendment to protect human life.


The FAMiLY Leader
Bob Vander Plaats, President
PO Box 42245
Urbandale, IA 50322
Phone: 515-263-3495
[email protected]


Maryland Family Institute
Jeff Trimbath, President
PO Box 1841
Annapolis, MD 21404
Phone: 410-449-0444
[email protected]

Campaign Health Not Harm
Debrorah Brocato
[email protected]


Campaign Life
Samuel H. Lee
[email protected]

Missouri Right to Life
Susan Kline, Executive Director
[email protected]


Montana Family Foundation
Jeff Laszloffy, President
PO Box 485
Laurel, MT 59044
Phone: 406-628-1141
[email protected]

Derek Oestreicher

[email protected]


Minnesota Family Council & Institute
Jeff Evans, President & CEO
2855 Anthony Lane S., Ste. 150
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Phone: 612-789-8811
[email protected]

Per the Minnesota Family Council: 

“Unfortunately, Minnesota already has taxpayer-funded abortion since the mid ’90s with a Supreme Court decision. Minnesota has legalized abortion up to birth and removed protections for babies born alive, so infanticide could be easier to cover up. Safety protections for women seeking abortion were summarily removed last year, including those clinical/hospital obligations you referenced.

“An Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) substantively might not have as much change in regard to abortion in Minnesota. Encourage voters to vote ‘no’ on the ERA, should it come up in the fall. Based on newer language proposed, it would remove protections for religious freedom, and essentially gives the highest civil rights to individuals who ‘identify’ as ‘women’ or even ‘children.’ Highly concerning on every front.”


Nebraska Family Alliance
Karen Bowling, Executive Director
1106 E Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: 402-477-3191 or 888-777-5188
[email protected]

Protect Women and Children


Click HERE and HERE for Decline to Sign – Nevada.

New York

New Yorkers Family Research Foundation
Jason McGuire, President
PO Box 131
Spencerport, NY 14559

New Yorkers Family Research Foundation
Jason McGuire, President
PO Box 131
Spencerport, NY 14559
Phone: 585-225-2220
[email protected]

South Dakota

Family Heritage Alliance
Norman Woods, Executive Director
PO Box 329
Rapid City, SD 57709
Phone: 605-718-5433
[email protected]

Jon Hansen, [email protected]

Initiative website: Life Defense Fund