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Most people associate vaccinations with the eradication of disease. Vaccinations have been a part of American life for decades. However, many people object to mandatory vaccinations for religious reasons. Oftentimes, these individuals are told that they have no choice and must receive the vaccinations or have their children vaccinated.

You may be surprised to learn that some vaccinations are derived from aborted fetal tissue. Vaccines for chicken pox, Hepatitis-A, and Rubella, which are produced solely from aborted fetal tissue, do not have alternative, ethical versions. Even most physicians who oppose abortion do not realize that these three vaccines are made from aborted fetal tissue.

The wife of one of our Liberty Counsel attorneys confronted her family doctor who wanted to inject her son with the chicken pox vaccine. When she told her doctor, who is Catholic, that the chicken pox vaccine contains aborted fetal tissue, he was surprised.

The doctor was even more surprised when he skimmed through his medical book and found that she was right. He then proclaimed that he was faced with a dilemma which he must now confront.

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