Liberty Prayer Network

We recognize that nothing can be accomplished without prayer. You can be a prayer partner for our many important cases and activities by joining Liberty Counsel's Liberty Prayer Network to pray for our work internationally, or as an “Advocate for America.”

Liberty Prayer Network, is the prayer ministry of Liberty Counsel. LPN enlists prayer intercessors to take a firm stand in their communities, lifting high the torch of liberty and calling others to worship God. The intercessors commit to spend time as they are able, alone or in groups, from wherever they live, to pray for His blessing over their states, the nations and the world.

Maureen Bravo, who has been active in international onsite prayer intercession for many years, serves as International Director of LPN. She networks with other prayer ministries and leads intercession for those who champion the principles of life, liberty, and the family.

We partner with those in other nations who uphold the restoration of their cultures by advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, and the family. You can also stay informed about our cases and other important work by reading our Liberty Alert emails so you can know how to pray.

There is a special American Prayer Initiative website, where you will find daily prayer topics and corresponding scriptures. Pray that the Lord will bring to us everything that is needed so that we can expand our efforts to advance religious liberty, the sanctity of human life and the family.

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