Protect Financial Privacy and Freedom!

I want to stop our federal government from pushing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that can control, program, and even erase our money.
This programmable digital money system can be used to track every single financial purchase and payment made by or to Americans, and every computer program you can imagine can be made to steal this federal money. In addition, with the click of a button, money could “expire” or be reduced by a percentage. In essence, our money would be completely within the control of the government.
Demand the Senate vote to PROTECT OUR PRIVACY by voting YES on S 887 and urge our governors to act to block a CBDC as well.
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Dear Senator,

I am deeply concerned by and adamantly opposed to the U.S. government issuing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) for the surveillance and control of the private financial transactions and assets of law-abiding Americans.

This opens the door for complete government surveillance of every single purchase and even government control of what can be bought or sold. No political party, politician, or official should be in control of this much information or power.

As a freedom-loving U.S. citizen, I am writing to urge you to VOTE YES on S 887 and do everything in your power to prevent the Fed from issuing a CBDC and invading Americans’ privacy.


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