Liberty or Tyranny

How do you get a freedom loving people to accept tyranny?

You scare them into begging for it.


Basic Level
Fax Attorney General William Barr plus YOUR Governor for just $5!
Bronze Level
Fax ALL of the above plus Vice President Pence and the Coronavirus Task Force for $19
Silver Level
Fax ALL of the above plus ALL Governors for $45
Gold Level
Fax ALL Governors, the ENTIRE House and Senate and the White House for $75 (Most Effective!!)

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Nancy Pelosi and a band of local, state and some federal power-grabbers are trying to use the coronavirus panic to steal our God-given and constitutionally protected freedom. We cannot allow the “cure” to be worse than the disease. We cannot not allow America to be destroyed. Shockingly, here is a short list that some are proposing:

  • Eliminating the right to free assembly
  • Shuttering churches for months
  • Postponing elections
  • Use of military force for armed curfews
  • Communist nationalization of entire industries
  • And so much more

Don’t let Liberty die on our watch!

Send your fax NOW. Governors are considering shutting down your state AGAIN.
There is NO time to waste.
Liberty or Tyranny begins NOW!


Dear Sir or Madam,

As an American citizen, I am deeply concerned that during this time of panic over the coronavirus pandemic, certain elected leaders and bureaucrats are using that panic to implement unconstitutional measures that rob Americans of even our most basic liberties.

I am calling on my governor, Congress and every elected and unelected official, to uphold the United States Constitution NOW and take no action that would subvert our God-given, constitutionally protected freedom.


(Your name)
(Your city, state)