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Radical progressive Democrats are attempting a parliamentary trick to pass the gender bending, boys in the girls’ bathroom, drag queen promoting Equality Act.

The "Equality Act" would force every person, church, school, religious business owner or employee to bow the knee to the LGBT agenda—or face devastating lawsuits and bankrupting legal damages.

Democrats are trying to demand what is known as a "Unanimous Consent" rule to bring the once-dead "Equality Act" back to life. Under a "Unanimous Consent" rule, if no one is on the Senate floor to oppose a suggested measure, that measure passes. No debate, no actual individual votes... just legislation by fiat and trickery.

Passage of this bill would allow men into the ladies' restroom, boys into girls' dormitories and showers, drag queens into the school room and sets the stage for legal acceptance of “minor attracted persons,” aka pedophiles.

This bill will unleash the most radical, anti-religious discrimination America has yet faced.

Send your fax TODAY telling Senate Republicans to MAN THE FLOOR & HOLD THE LINE against radical, progressive Democrat attempts to wipe out religious freedom!

A personal petition...

Dear Senators,

I urge you to stand against the "Equality Act." Please stop this insidious attack on our religious liberties. Already more than 55,000 other Americans are actively opposing the grossly misnamed "Equality Act" (aka S 788 aka HR 5), in partnership with Liberty Counsel and Liberty Counsel Action.

The "Equality Act" threatens religious liberty, speech, privacy, and women's rights. This bill forbids raising free exercise as a claim or defense to the LGBT agenda. This bill elevates the LGBT agenda to the same privileges as race and removes the freedom of choice for religious Americans!

The "Equality Act" is not about equality. It is about the domination of LGBT privileges over individual religious freedom. It targets churches, religious organizations, educators, businesses and even families.

Liberty Counsel has created a webpage regarding this bill at

As a freedom-loving American, I urge you to uphold and protect our freedom of speech and religious freedom by opposing this dangerous bill. And to prevent radical Democrats from using parliamentary tricks like "Unanimous Consent Rules," I urge you and your colleagues to NEVER leave the Senate floor unmanned from now until December!

(Your Name)