We Need Your Support To Help Us Stand Against Overreaching Attacks on Religious Liberty From Radical LGBT Groups!

Our nation is facing an outrageous LGBT-led assault on our constitutional liberties. In Congress, the cynically misnamed "Equality Act" threatens the free exercise of religion, freedom of conscience and freedom of speech. It’s the most sweeping assault on our precious freedoms in our lifetimes.

But that’s not all. Our nation's children are also facing extreme LGBT indoctrination tactics in our public schools, in the public square, and in the media. Left-leaning state and local governments are complicit in the indoctrination by banning counseling against unwanted same-sex attractions. Radical LGBT groups are taking their efforts to bully and intimidate pro-family citizens to a new level.

Your generous support will empower Liberty Counsel to push back against radical LGBT attacks and fight to advance religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and the family. Please make your best tax-deductible gift to Liberty Counsel today!

We must be ready to respond and fight in the courts of law and in the courts of public opinion. Please help!

Stop the Attack on Religious Liberty