Defend the Truth! Defend Sandra Merritt!

YES! I will defend Sandra Merritt against Planned Parenthood and the State of California's multi-million-dollar attempt to silence the truth!

Planned Parenthood & their cronies at the State of California are trying to punish Sandra Merritt for exposing the truth about Planned Parenthood’s Baby Parts for Sale Scheme.

Very few people could afford to defend themselves from this onslaught – which is exactly why Planned Parenthood is doing it– to destroy Sandra and to silence any future whistleblowers that might consider exposing the baby butchers again.

Sandra Merritt’s case has been the most expensive case in the history of Liberty Counsel. We are only able to defend Sandra Merritt and the Constitutional freedom of speech with help from YOU.

On behalf of Sandra Merritt, her family, her grandchildren and all of us at Liberty Counsel – Thank you for your support!