Otto v. Boca Raton and Palm Beach County, FL:
STOP the Ban on Lifesaving Counseling

There are now 18 states, including the Direct of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and about 60 additional local governments that have banned counselors from helping clients overcome unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors, or gender confusion. These law force counselor to either remain silent or force to client to accept that which the client rejects.

Furthermore, Christian counselors may not discuss biblical principles of sexuality with clients who seek counsel, even when the client requests it!

These bans are absolutely unconstitutional, and Liberty Counsel is fighting to keep Christian counseling legal.

YOUR HELP is URGENTLY needed to fund this critical case and others like it, so that we can defend not only our clients (the families seeking help and the counselors trying to help them), but also the religious freedom of every American.

If we allow these unconstitutional state and local laws to stand, they will eventually be accepted as the law of the land. These laws must not stand!

YES! I will help fund Liberty Counsel’s defense of the families and counselors under siege in Otto v. Boca Raton and join the larger fight against government mandated LGBT lifestyles!

Defend Freedom!
Help fund Liberty Counsel’s defense of life, family and freedom!