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Trade Agreement Trojan Horse

The proposed trade agreement with Mexico and Canada is a vast improvement over NAFTA. But, someone slipped in a Trojan Horse. Now the Senate needs to hear from you. The urgency is critical.  

When ratified, treaties under the Constitution become the supreme law of the land. If two provisions remain in the trade agreement when it is ratified, special LGBT privileges could be established as precedent in your city, in your state, and all across America.   

It is widely believed that Canada slipped in two provisions in Articles 23.9 and 23.12, doubtless with the help of Deep State operatives sympathetic to the pro-LGBT cause. These provisions require the parties (Canada, Mexico, and the US) to create policies providing special status for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”   

A trade agreement should not include a radical LGBT agenda. If ratified, the consequences are catastrophic!  

Help me present tens of thousands of voices to the Senate leadership to remove these offensive provisions before the treaty is ratified.   


Liberty Counsel Action is leading the charge
to have Articles 23.1 and 23.9 removed. We have fought these provisions in school boards, city councils, and in many states across America. We know first-hand how dangerous and damaging it would be.   

Now we need you to join with us.


This treaty requires that we will establish employment laws to “protect workers against employment discrimination on the basis of … sexual orientation, [and] gender identity”  

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Here are some examples of what this treaty could mean   

  • Church daycares would have to hire gender confused people to instruct impressionable and vulnerable young children
  • Family-owned businesses must allow people into their homes or offices, to interact with their children, even if they oppose their family’s morals and standards
  • Religious non-profit organizations would be forced to employ homosexual employees, even if their personal behavior is directly opposed to the organization’s mission. 

If these provisions are included in the treaty, we have seen nothing compared to the oppression and anti-religious bias that this would enable.   

We have a chance to stop this flagrant violation of our freedoms. After the President agrees to a treaty, the Senate must vote for it.   

Add your name right now to Liberty Counsel Action’s petition demanding these provisions be removed.   

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Now is the time to act!