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This school board has lost its mind!
Help restore common sense to Pasco School District 

No teacher should be forced to watch someone of the opposite sex disrobe and shower in an open stall. However, the Pasco School Board shows no signs of backing down from their demands that male teachers do exactly that. We need to stand with Robert to require that biological sex be both recognized and respected.   

No student should be forced to be in the same room as someone of the opposite sex strips naked as a prerequisite to receiving their education. Nor should they be forced to be seen by the opposite gender while undressed in order to receive a public education.  

Please sign our petition below pressuring the school board to reverse their damaging policy: 



To: The Pasco District School Board 

We, the undersigned, urge you to restore bathroom privacy based on the realities of biological sex for your teachers and students. We believe that students in intimate spaces are best protected when they are with their own biological gender. The safety and privacy of your students must be your top priority.  Students cannot learn to their full potential in an unsafe environment. 

Especially for students who already have been sexually abused, opening up bathrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms to both biological genders can unnecessarily turn your schools into a high stress environment. The victims under your care deserve to be, and to feel, safe.   

We demand that you stop subjecting the students and teachers under your authority to your political whims and experimentation. Restore bathroom privacy in Pasco Schools!

This petition is now closed for signing as we are currently working on sending it to the Pasco County School Board. They have a school board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 15th. Please continue your prayers and support. Thank you!