Stand with Israel

There has never been a more important time for Christians and Jews to stand in solidarity with Israel and its right to exist as a sovereign nation. Israel and America share a common bond through our history, heritage, and faith. Along with our shared common values, Israel and America also share common threats.

Liberty Counsel developed the Liberty Ambassador Counsel (LAC) program to connect Americans to Israel to strengthen their Christian faith and equip them to be a goodwill ambassador for Israel. The LAC tour is unique because it includes both biblical and ancient sites and experiences along with modern Israel, including experts in government, national security, geopolitical, business, and technology.  Covenant Journey (CJ) was developed from the template of the LAC trip and advocacy model and is similar to the LAC trip. Unlike the LAC, CJ is only for (1) Christian college-age students, (2) with leadership potential, and (3) who have some level of support for or interest in Israel. Qualified students pay only $500. Everything else is underwritten, including air travel, hotels, three meals a day, luxury tour bus, expert tour guide, leaders, speakers, entrance fees, and tips.

Liberty Counsel’s Christians In Defense of Israel consists of more than 200,000 Americans who stand in solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters and the nation of Israel.

How to travel to Israel with Mat and Anita Staver: Trip Information & Registration


Southern Baptist Convention Passes Resolution Supporting Israel

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) passed a resolution promoting prayer and support for Israel during its recent annual meeting. This resolution comes at a critical time. In 2005, t he global movement of Boycott, Divestment and...

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Covenant Journey Launches Internships in Israel and Washington, DC

Covenant Journey has launched internships in Israel and in Washington, DC. The interns are selected from qualified alumni who participated in one of the Covenant Journey tours.

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Covenant Journey Tour of Israel Impacting Christian College Students

This week Covenant Journey begins the second year of experiential summer tours of Israel for Christian college-age students who have leadership potential. Students from more than 142 colleges and universities have participated in Covenant...

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Covenant Journey Offers Life-Changing Experience in Israel for Christian Millennials

Covenant Journey, an organization founded by Liberty Counsel, provides a life-changing experience for Christian college-age students who have leadership potential. A Covenant Journey tour of Israel is unlike any other, as it is designed...

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Join us on a Covenant Journey to Israel! December 29, 2015 - January 7, 2016

Covenant Journey is accepting applications for its life-changing tour of Israel on December 29 - January 7.

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Stand United with Israel and Give the Best Christmas Gift Ever. . .

. . . a trip to Israel with Liberty Counsel on May 17-26, 2015! . . .

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