Protecting Marriage & Family

Society begins with marriage and the family. Marriage is the preeminent and the most fundamental of all human social institutions: A bond between one man and one woman, intended for life, and open to the gift of children. Children do best in a home with a mom and a dad.

The institutions of civil government should defend marriage and not seek to undermine it. Civil institutions do not create marriage nor can they manufacture a right to marry for those who are incapable of marriage.

No civil institution, including any court, has authority to redefine marriage any more than it can redefine gravity. Redefining the institution of marriage is improper and outside the authority of the government. 


Battle Continues Against Jacksonville LGBT Law

Liberty Counsel filed a  Motion for Summary Judgment  today in  John Parsons v. City of Jacksonville, Florida , a lawsuit to invalidate a city ordinance that adds “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” as...

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Left-wing Groups Attempt Censorship of UN Delegation

Lisa Correnti of the Center for Family and Human Rights and Grace Melton of the Heritage Foundation were appointed to the United States delegation for the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women. Then the radical "LGBTQ" groups...

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Chief Justice Moore on the Fast Track towards Justice

Chief Justice Roy Moore’s request to cancel oral argument in order to expedite his appeal has been approved by the Special Court...

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Kim Davis is the Focus of Oral Arguments Today

Today Liberty Counsel will present oral argument in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit for Kim Davis...

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Court Denies ACLU’s Request for Attorney’s Fees from Kim Davis

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis received another victory today when U. S. Magistrate Judge Edward Atkins entered an  order  in  Miller v. Davis , denying the plaintiffs’ demand that Davis pay the ACLU $231,000 in attorney’s...

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Fairfax County LGBT Case Goes to VA Supreme Court

Tomorrow, Liberty Counsel argues before the Virginia Supreme Court in  Lafferty v. Fairfax,  the challenge to the Fairfax County School Board  regarding its illegal policy in which the board added “sexual orientation,”...

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