Protecting Marriage & Family

Society begins with marriage and the family. Marriage is the preeminent and the most fundamental of all human social institutions: A bond between one man and one woman, intended for life, and open to the gift of children. Children do best in a home with a mom and a dad.

The institutions of civil government should defend marriage and not seek to undermine it. Civil institutions do not create marriage nor can they manufacture a right to marry for those who are incapable of marriage.

No civil institution, including any court, has authority to redefine marriage any more than it can redefine gravity. Redefining the institution of marriage is improper and outside the authority of the government. 


Computer Security Company “Unblocks” Liberty Counsel

Norton Security Software, the anti-virus software company owned by Symantec that blocked users from the Liberty Counsel website stating it contains “hate” content, has now backed down. Norton acted in response to Liberty...

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NJ Bill Enforces LGBT Agenda in Public Schools

A bill that directs the New Jersey Commissioner of Education to review and modify public school guidelines to accommodate and promote the rights of “transgender” students, in accordance with current State or federal laws and...

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Kim Davis and Rowan County Not Liable for Attorney’s Fees

Today, U.S. District Judge David Bunning ruled that neither Kim Davis nor Rowan County are liable for attorney’s fees over the marriage license issue that began in 2015. Judge Bunning did overrule the Magistrate’s Findings and...

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ECFA Admonishes GuideStar for SPLC “Hate Group” Label

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) recently sent a  letter  to GuideStar reprimanding them for their recent labeling of Liberty Counsel and certain other nonprofit organizations as “hate groups” at...

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So-called Conservative Legislators Cave to LGBT Agenda

The House of Representatives voted 209 to 214 yesterday to defeat the amendment would have put an end to the use of military funding for “sex change” surgeries. There are 24 Republicans who voted on the side of the LGBT lobby to defeat...

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Plaintiffs Seek to Punish Kim Davis

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, represented by Liberty Counsel, filed new Motions to Dismiss this week in the 2015 marriage license lawsuits  Ermold v. Davis  and  Yates v. Davis , which seek to punish Davis financially for...

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